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  • I was recently in the patch.com article regarding the Hot Car Death trial as a Jury pool expert.


Barnes & Noble – Mall of Georgia Locations – August 29th Book Signing.

Barnes & Noble - Mankato, Minnesota

  • KNUJ Radio Interview18:24

CBS46 interviewed me last week regarding my thoughts about being a juror. The pursuit of fairness and justice is honorable and desired by most citizens. But what could possibly be fair about a 22-month old boy dying in a hot car. Balancing the scales of justice is no easy task because people bring their education or the lack thereof, their life experiences, their biases and prejudices into the courtroom. What person can check their feelings in at the door like a hat and coat and not feel compassion or anger about a precious child not being able to grow up to become an adult. Can you look at someone as being innocent until proven guilty?

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